Easter Bunny Mini Deposit

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Non-refundable deposit applied towards overall price ($100 for one child, $120 for two children) to reserve photo session for Easter Bunny mini sessions with live bunnies. **backdrop will be white, rustic planks with an Easter Banner **

Sessions are 15 minutes long and include personal printing rights to at least FIFTEEN high-resolution digital images. These images will be delivered to you via email as an instant download link.

These sessions are for CHILDREN ONLY with 1, 2, or 3 children per session ages about 6 months (or sitting up) to about 7-8 years old. My studio is small. Please email me before purchase if you have questions about whether your kiddo/s will fit.

By booking this slot, you're acknowledging and assuming the risk of unintentional Covid exposure that could occur by participating in these sessions. The studio space is small - the back doors will be open for ventilation which will make the studio a little chilly, but we will run a space heater. Clorox cleaning will be done between each session of all common surfaces and the same bunnies will not be used in back to back sessions.
Everyone except the children in the photos MUST wear a mask. Only one parent will be permitted into the actual studio space to maintain social distance. Families that develop symptoms of a cold or covid prior to the photo shoot MUST cancel and will receive a full refund. *please note that my "age not to be listed" Mother will be assisting and I am also trying to keep her safe.

**ANIMALS** By booking this slot, you're acknowledging and assuming the risk that is entailed in having a photoshoot with your child and a live animal. Bunnies have little claws and little teeth that can scratch or nip your child. Rarely does this occur, but it is possible. You are accepting this risk by signing up for these sessions. It is also possible to simply have the bunnies in a basket next to your child if you're more comfortable with that.

Emails with directions to my Creswell, Oregon studio and final details will be sent out once all sessions are filled. If you have questions about these sessions, PLEASE ASK THEM BEFORE PURCHASING THIS SLOT as the deposits are non-refundable. Remaining amount owed will be due on the day of the shoot.